City Commission Candidate Steve Stewart Endorsed By the Tallahassee Board of Realtors

City Commission candidate Steve Stewart was endorsed by the Tallahassee Board of Realtors over his opponent, Nancy Miller.

The endorsement was made after in-depth interviews with both candidates. Stewart said, “As a business owner, I am proud to have the endorsement of this local organization which represents over 1400  realtors”.

The election for City Commission is August 26, 2014.

City Commission Candidate Steve Stewart Endorsed By Florida Police Benevolent Association

City Commission candidate Steve Stewart was endorsed by the Big Bend Chapter of the Florida Police Benevolent Association over his opponent, Nancy Miller.

The letter of endorsement said the PBA “is proud to inform you of its endorsement of your candidacy for election to the Tallahassee City Commission, Seat 3.”

Stewart said, ” I am proud to have the support of the many Tallahassee police officers. There is no greater calling in public service than to go out each day and keep our community safe. It is time that public safety and our police officers receive the respect that they rightly deserve.”

The election for City Commission Seat 3 is August 26, 2014.

ATTACHMENT: PBA Endorsement Letter


Moving Forward

I am running for the City Commission to help Tallahassee address the challenges and seize the opportunities we will see in the comings years.  

I choose to raise my family here and my interest in the success of our community and its citizens run deep. To ensure that success, our elected leaders must have the vision to acknowledge our challenges, identify opportunities and put forth ideas to address them both.

  • Moving Forward, let us establish public safety as a high priority. When families feel comfortable in their own neighborhoods, more engagement arises, relationships are developed and stronger communities are formed.
  • Moving Forward, we should put government transparency requirements in place that are consistent with being the Capital of the fourth largest state in the United States.
  • Moving Forward, lets acknowledge that families are struggling and that every dollar we can put in the hands of our citizens  will help our local economy.
  • Moving Forward, let us embrace all voices, understanding that everyone has there own experiences and their own perspective. Only through engagement can we advance mutual respect and make our community more responsive to all view points.

During this campaign I will celebrate Tallahassee and will tell you, the voter, how I would like to move Tallahassee forward. I will do it with respect for my opponent and the differences we have.

In the end, it is my hope that our thoughtful campaign will empower the citizens of this community and will give them what they rightly deserve – the feeling that they can make a difference.